24 Hour Crisis Line (316) 263-3002

Office: (316) 263-0185 | Fax: (316) 263-0563

Executive Director:  Kathy Williams, MSW

Director of Outreach Services: Samantha Reyes

Director of Survivor Services:  Mary Stolz, MSW

Volunteer Coordinator:  Amy Nickell

Adult Therapist:  Catharine Bolt, LMSW

Child & Family Therapist:  Janice Parks, LMSW

Court Advocate:  Alexis Crowther

Court Advocate:  Ronnie Wills

Protection Order Advocate:  Cherrie Holder

Outreach Advocate (Specializing in poverty & homelessness):  Adele Falk, LMSW

Outreach Advocate 2 (Specializing in addictions & adult education programs):  Helena Popejoy

Outreach Advocate 3 (Specializing in LGBTQ outreach and response to correctional facilities):  Jessica Smith

Outreach Advocate 4 (Specializing in youth):  This position is currently open.

Outreach Advocate 5 (Specializing in outreach to college campuses):This position is currently open.

Latino Outreach Coordinator: Natalia Jaramillo

Community Education Advocate: Cammie Goen

Administrative Coordinator:  Janet Miller

Accountant:  Phyllis Sears


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