Expanded office hours!

On 03/30/2018

WASAC is Kicking off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with Expanded Services

One critical piece of the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center’s (WASAC) mission is to “create an atmosphere of healing” for individuals and communities affected by sexual violence.  We are constantly striving to create that atmosphere in our office space, in the staff and volunteers we bring on board, and in spaces where we provide services in the community.   Our staff is used to working outside the traditional business hours.  We provide evening groups, educational programs on the weekends, and we answer the crisis line day and night.  But one thing we have traditionally done is close the office every day at 5 PM.  In the spirit of expanding services and broadening our reach, WASAC is going to increase our office hours.  In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we are going to start our expanded office hours the first week in April.  Our new office hours will be Monday-Thursday, 8:30 AM-7 PM and Fridays 8:30 AM- 5 PM.  If you need to come in and speak with an advocate, we will have staff available until 7 PM Monday through Thursday.  Please help us spread the word.  We are excited to kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2018 by making our services more accessible.

If you have ideas about how we can further our mission statement and make services more accessible to the community we love, we would be happy to hear from you.  Email Mary at mary@wichitasac.com with any questions, concerns or ideas. 

Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM-7 PM, Fridays 8:30 AM-5 PM


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