WASAC hosts virtual Lunch & Learns each Tuesday afternoon. All events are free and open to the public. To learn more about all of our outreach and educational services, please visit https://wichitasac.com/education

This year for April, we have four Lunch & Learns that specifically match our themes for SAAM.
During our I AM LISTENING week, we will highlight “I am listening” with a discussion about supporting disclosures of sexual assault and why it matters to survivors.
During our I AM ______ week, we will highlight that sexual assault can happen to anyone with a discussion about male sexual assault, barriers to reporting, and how to support a male survivor.
During our I AM POWERFUL week, we will highlight “I am powerful” with a discussion about Tarana Burke’s TED Talk entitled Me Too is a Movement, Not a Moment.
During our I AM HOPEFUL week, we will highlight “I am hopeful” with a discussion about what Denim Day is and why we celebrate it.
We hope you’ll join us for these important discussions. Zoom links and event details are on our WASAC Calendar page. If you have any questions, please email advocate@wichitasac.com