As a survivor of sexual violence, you (2)

One phone call to take back your life.

As a survivor of sexual violence, you deserve advocates who will listen to you with compassion. We will listen, and we will believe you. With your permission, your guidance, we will offer all appropriate support.  Please remember. You control all of our advocacy services. You’re in charge. Completely. Always.

If we can’t help you, we know people who can.

Should you need assistance lying outside the scope of our expertise, we will recommend support services elsewhere in the community. The Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center will support you at any time, at any place in your healing process.  Maybe you’d like assistance with a Crime Victims Compensation application. Or maybe you need help understanding your options for reporting the assault. Perhaps you still fear for your safety.

Caring, knowledgeable professionals are waiting to help you. With whatever you might need.  All services are free and confidential.


What you need to know about WASAC services

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